My review of The Perks of Being a Wallflower


This movie is a coming of age story that follows a young man named Charlie (Logan Lerman.) He’s had a rough summer and hopes to start his freshman year of high school with a better outlook and make some new friends. Two senior siblings Patrick (Ezra Miller) and Sam (Emma Watson) take Charlie under their wing. From going to his first party, to getting stoned, to having his first kiss, Charlie learns the joys and heartaches of high school.

This movie deals with a lot of mature themes such as suicide, molestation and death. However there are plenty of lighter moments too. A good example is early on in the movie when Patrick makes fun of teacher by imitating him to make the other kids feel less nervous.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” This quote sums up a lot of the relationships in the movie. Whether it’s Charlie’s sister’s relationship with her abusive yet popular boyfriend Derek; or Sam’s various relationships with older guys. Both of them seem drawn to men who treat them like crap but can’t seem to find a guy who will treat them with some decency. This dovetails nicely with something that Charlie wrestles with throughout the movie. How can we save/shield ourselves and those that we love from pain?

Another thing I loved was the chemistry between the characters. The scenes with Sam and Charlie make it seem like the actors have known each other for years not months. Patrick is great too, his charming demeanor and self-deprecating humor nearly steal the show from Charlie at times.

To sum it all up this movie has a great cast, a relatable and intriguing story and an awesome soundtrack. I would highly recommend it to everyone. Not just those of us who love old music or people who love coming of age movies; just everyone.

For more information about the movie and to view a trailer click here



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